News Archive is the premier website containing information on vacuum packing machines for Restaurants, Hotels and Caterers. It was designed and built by buckland design for Multivac as a tool to help those in the Hotel and catering trade to find out more about Vacuum packaging not only for storage but also about sous-vide cooking.

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New Star Asset Management

New Star wanted IFAs to start taking an interest in its Fund of Fund products. Working with them we established that IFAs had a number of reservations about the products that were unfounded. We came up with the 'Mythbuster' campaign to dispel these myths using an illustrated character. We produced a series of mailers using the character to reinforce the facts about the products, the mailers then pointed IFAs to a website where the animated character brought the campaign to life.


Caterham Cars

The recent buy-out of Caterham Cars allowed the new management team to focus on the core values of the cars. Using the cars heritage, Buckland designed a folder and model sheets that reflected this by focusing on the Caterham "7" figure and creating a style that reflects the cars excitement. These will be used worldwide to promote the range of cars.


Orchid Furniture

Despite a sucessful first year of trading, Orchid Furniture felt that their logo did not reflect the quality of their stylish range of Indonesian furniture and Chinese antiques. Their advertising lacked consistency, falling short of the standard set by their competitors.

Buckland Design has devised a fresh new look for the company to address these problems. With a hint of the Far East, Orchid’s new logo reflects the simplicity and clean lines of the furniture it sells. Applied to a range of stationery items and a targetted advertising campaign, it now projects a cohesive brand.


The Little Book of Leadership

Buckland Design have produced The Little Book of Leadership for The Marketing Forum. The ship-based forum provides an insight into latest industry developments and one of the hot topics of the conference programme is ‘leadership’. Senior marketers from such companies as British Airways, Hewlett Packard and Diageo, contributed anecdotes and inspirational quotes on the subject. Buckland Design then brought them to life with the help of charming illustrations by Ned Jolliffe of Eye Candy Illustration.



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